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Citation Ultra | Light Jet Chartering Miami | mph club®

Citation Ultra | Light Jet Chartering Miami | mph club®


Citation Ultra interiorThis light private jet shows the ability to continually evolve a time-tested airframe into a jet chartering workhorse. The Citation Ultra has the right combination of range, load, speed and short-field capabilities.
For its time, the Ultra offered the longest cabin in its class with 17.3 feet. Slide, swivel and reclining executive passenger seats are arranged in a facing, double-club configuration. Adding a forward closet/refreshment center cuts the number of seats to seven.
When it comes to avionics systems, simplicity is best. The engineers of the Honeywell Primus 1000 suite realized the importance of details like consolidating multiple displays into a few, easy-to-interpret ones and placing screens close to the controls to which they apply. The predecessor of the Ultra had a confusing array of five screens and more than eight analog controls. The Ultra consolidated the mess into four sleek screens. The relevant controls are located directly on the screens’ faceplates to improve pilot hand-eye coordination and flight performance.
The 14 cabin windows give the right amount of natural light and the five-inch drop aisle provides 55.3 inches of standing room.With three times the luggage space of a King Air 350, this airplane’s 63 cubic feet of baggage space will accommodate up to 1,450 pounds-850 in the nose and 600 in the aft compartment.


Msrp: $7,325,000
Daily Rental: Call 888-674-4044
Seats: 9
Top Speed: 480 MPH


Toll Free: 888-674-4044
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