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Gumball 3000 Miami Event

Gumball 3000 Miami Event

Gumball 3000 Miami | 2014

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The mph club® team was fortunate to attend the Gumball 3000 Miami Event in South Florida. In what began in Sunny, South Florida ends in Ibiza, Spain. With this year’s entry fee of $67,000, the Gumball 3000 rally is not your typical drive through the park. Founded by Max Cooper with a dream to cruise Europe with fifty of his best friends in 1999, the rally was born. With fifty-five supercars and 3,000 miles of road, the Gumball 3000 Miami Event is every auto-enthusiast’s wildest dream. Every year since, the rally has ventured to new roads and new cities. The number of cars have grown over the years with the promise of new and exciting places to visit, dine, and party.


Gumball 3000 Miami Event Mercedes-Benz G 63 Brabus




Gumball 3000 Miami Event Porsche


Gumball 3000 Miami Event McLaren P1


F40 Gumball 3000 Miami Event


Gumball 3000 Miami Event Dead Mau5 Purrari


Gumball 3000 Miami Event Ferrari 458


Gumball 3000 Miami Event Brabus


2002 was the first year the rally entered the states. The drive included New York to the LA Playboy mansion and was an experience each participant was likely to never forget. It was a legendary year that had set the benchmark for years to come. 2008 was the first year Miami was graced by the presence of the Gumball Rally; Traveling coast to coast from Santa Monica to Miami, the rally had started to gain the interest of some celebrities on the hunt for an adrenaline pumping adventure. The world’s most expensive and extensive lot of supercars was formed in the middle of Times Square in 2010, breaking multiple world records thanks to the finish line of the Gumball 3000 Miami Event.


Gumball continues to out-do itself every year, attracting the most exotic cars the world has ever seen. In every city the rally stops at along the way, thousands flock to see these world class vehicles wrapped in a wide variety of colors and stickers making each car super unique and exciting. This coming year hopes to bring cars such as the Batman Tumbler, John Cena’s InCENArator, Team Galag’s TG1, Jon Olsson’s Rebellion R2K and Deadmau5’s “Purrari”. Each one of these vehicles are one of one in the world and are lifelong memories when viewed in person. In addition, this year’s rally will see the likes of Bugatti, Pagani and Koenigsegg, three boutique supercar companies, as well as rare Lamborghini’s, Ferarri’s, Mclaren’s, Aston Martins, Maserati’s, Porsche’s, Rolls Royce’s and much more. Whether riding or viewing from the sideline, the Gumball 3000 is an absolute pleasure for all.


Starting in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach on the world famous Ocean Drive, these cars will take their place Thursday morning and take off precisely at 10am. They will make their way to the world famous Daytona Speedway before heading to Atlanta and onto New York City. From New York the cars will be airlifted to Scotland to travel through a good portion of Europe and finish in Ibiza, Spain.


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