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Mercedes Maybach Rental Miami


With the never ending battle of power and speed Mercedes-Benz has not forgotten about its clientele that desire to drive or be driven in a higher state of luxury. Enters the Mercedes S600 Maybach Rental Miami. Though looking like your run of the mill S-class the S600 Mercedes Maybach Rental Miami adds even more refinement and addition detail. While admiring the exterior you will notice the Chrome polished Maybach emblems as well as the fact this car is gains an extra 8.1 inches in length making it eighteen feet in length. Though having a long profile it invokes a lavish profile unparalleled to any other vehicle in its class. Your eyes then catch the exclusive 20 inch rims wrapped in specially designed run-flat tires. Comfort is no stranger to the S600 Maybach as it features a unique suspension system labeled as Magic Body Control.

Mercedes Maybach Rental Miami


This suspension system scans the road ahead sending data back in order to adjust the suspension accordingly to imperfections in the road making your trip as smooth as possible. Making your way into the decadent cabin you will first notice a scent inexperienced. To its special air-fragarance system the S600 Maybach has its own unique scent extracted from the Agar tree native to Southeast Asia. This exact has been used for centuries in the highest of quality perfumes and is now used to create a sense of tranquility as you cruise around town. This makes the Maybach a perfect vehicle for luxury chauffeur services.


Now if sounds are more of your thing the S600 gives you two options. Option one is 3-D surround sound system which can make the passenger feel as if they are in the center of an orchestra thanks to tweeters that pop out and rotate when in use. Your next symphonic option is the euphoric sound of the 6.0 liter twin-turbo V-12 which pumps out 523hp and 612 pounds feet of torque. If comfort is your cup of tea then you won’t be disappointed with the cabin of this victorian house on wheels. Each passenger in the back has control over their own seat being able to recline back and relax as hight isn’t something to worry about as the rear can also accommodated six-footers as comfortably as possible.

Mercedes Maybach Exterior


For ultimate relaxation why not kick your shoes off and have your feet sink into the plush sheepskin floor mats while enjoying a hot-stone-massage in the S600 Mercedes Maybach Rental Miami. If you get hungry along the way just pop open the center located refrigerator for a refreshing drink of your favorite bubbly to a savory meal from your thought after cafe. So when planning your trip to visit Miami or just want to get away for the weekend luxury and comfort doesn’t end with your flight or hotel of choice. Think about where you will go and how you would like to get there. If relaxation is your preference we also have Chauffeur service and what better way to enjoy your trip then to be driven around in the All-New S600 Maybach enjoying a glass of Champagne while getting a hot-stone-massage all from the comfort of the cabin of the car.


Msrp: $205,785
Daily Rental: $995 per day
Weekend Rental: Call 888-674-4044
Security Deposit: Starting at $5,000
Includes: 100 miles per day | Extra miles $3/mile
Engine: 6.0L Twin Turbo V12
Gas: 12 city/20 hwy
Seats: 5
Top Speed: 155 MPH
Transmission: 7 speed Auto

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