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Testimonials | mph club®

Bryson T.

March 29th 2016

“American rapper and songwriter Bryson Tiller, made good use of our grey G63 AMG during his most recent visit to Miami. He decided to experience all the sights and sounds the city has to offer and we anticipate his return very shortly for more adventures.”

– Bryson Tiller

Marcos Testimonial

March 13th 2016

“Thank you mph club for the great time! I enjoyed each moment with this most fashionable car there is on the roads today – the i8, and one of the most amazing sports cars ever, the Audi R8 Convertible! Best time ever! Absolutely loved it!”

– Marcos A. – Royal Fashionist

Andrew W.

March 4th 2016

“Thank you mph club® for providing me with the best rentals every time I’m in the city! mph club’s cars are the only luxury rentals that feel like personal vehicles because of the condition they’re in! Perfectly clean and brand new – that’s what mph club vehicles are.”

– Andrew W. – Waldan Watches

Lynette J.

March 3rd 2016

“Picked up my Audi R8 for the weekend and had a blest with it! Thank you mph club for the amazing service and so much fun for the weekend! You guys are the best exotic car rental in Miami!”

– Lynette J. – South Florida Luxury Guide

Kevin V.

February 14th 2016

“Miami, sun, ocean views out of the topless Ferrari, and a beautiful woman sitting next to you… Not sure if this was exactly the Valentine’s Day gift for my wife, because the experience ended up being the perfect one for me! Thank you mph club® for the incredible service, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s planning on having great time in Miami. With these guys you don’t have to worry a single bit about making everything just perfect!”

– Kevin V.

Ride 2 Revive

February 8th 2016

“Many thanks to mph club® for the amazing contribution to our event! The generous act of bringing those amazing exotic cars for the children to ride in brought lots and lots of beautiful smile to us! Thank you again and hope to see you back next year!”

– Ride 2 Revive

Grant Cardone

January 3rd 2016

“mph club’s® addition of the white Lamborghini Aventador Coupe to Miami’s photoshoot of the genius creator and producer, Grant Cardone made it just perfect! There’s nothing else, than one of the sexiest exotic vehicles out there to make you look as powerful as Mr. Cardone! Thumbs up to the perfect presentation!”

– Grant Cardone

F355 Miami

November 8th 2015

“After we had finished building this gorgeous Startech Range Rover for mph club®, I couldn’t help myself but to rent it out for the weekend with my kids in Miami. We had indeed a great experience, which is why I’m not surprised people love these guys so much! Thanks a lot, and I hope to come back for something even more exotic next time…”

– F355 Miami®

Secret Entourage®

October 2nd 2015

“Many thanks to mph club for providing us with the incredible Mercedes S-class and Cadillac Escalade for our Secret Academy Challenge! Amazing experience and a lot of great memories!”

– Secret Entourage®

British Airlines Team

October 2nd 2015

“When we arrived to the private airport, everyone got pretty skeptical because they thought they would have to jump with a parachute, but after seeing all these exotic cars parked in a row, the excitement on their faces was priceless! Thank you mph club for this unbelievable experience!”

– British Airlines Team

Maria T

September 27th 2015

“A big thanks to mph club for hooking me up this weekend. So thrilled to surprise my husband Sebastian with this super special memory on his birthday. The kids had a blast too!”

– Maria T.

Michael L

September 27th 2015

“Being chauffeured in this beautiful Bentley from mph club was an amazing experience! The driver arrived in advance and was very professional and polite, and the vehicle itself was just perfect.”

– Michael L.



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