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2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S side view Rental Miami

Back Like It Never Left: 2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S

—- Thursday June 25th, 2015

Comebacks are that rare occasion where it can either make or break an already established name. For Mercedes their cars have never needed a comeback but instead they have always seemed to improve and re-introduce an already exceptional product. The new 2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S is nothing short of being exceptional, as this time around they have given it a facelift and updated performance capabilities that would be sure to send even the calmest of drivers into a euphoric frenzy.

2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S front view Rental Miami

Some notable improvements over our 2014 predecessor include an updated front and rear design featuring full led lights and larger aero intakes to get increased airflow into the updated 5.5L CLS AMG biturbo V8 engine. Because this is the S model from AMG you’ll be looking at a 4-door coupe that produces 577hp @5500 rpm propelling this rocket from 0-60 in around 3.6 seconds. Being the newest member in the mph club fleet, it has easily become one of, if not the fastest vehicle currently available (even rivaling the Lamborghini Aventador) thanks to AMG’s 4MATIC all-wheel drive system putting the power to the ground in this beast.

2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S side view Rental Miami

What makes this machine the ideal choice for an exotic car rental in Miami is because of its ability to adapt to any situation. Whether you decide to travel with some colleagues for a quick commute around town to your ideal destination or decide to hit up your favorite chill spot for an exhilarating afternoon of entertainment/pleasure, this AMG S is the gift that keeps on giving.

2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S rear view Rental Miami

Inside the cabin is where the AMG S design takes off with nuances such as vented double stitched leather seats, an updated navigation interface and a 9 speaker Harmon Kardon surround sound system. This package screams come and get it so why not choose a better time than today to reserve your seat. The 2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S is now ready for takeoff so be sure to check out our complete listing for details and reservations!!!



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