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BMW i8 Rental Miami

BMW i8: The modern day Sci-Fi Coupe

—- Friday June 12th, 2015

There are many creations in modern day that claim to be innovative or futuristic but how many of these creations actually accomplish this? Many have only scratched the surface but here comes BMW with a sledge hammer to tear down the barrier between science fiction and reality. The BMW i8 is the future car that only the likes of Tony Stark or George Jetson could be imagined driving and has brought it into a realm where all serious auto enthusiasts can enjoy.
Its not enough to say its just a futuristic looking sports car but in essence we are talking about a mid-engine TwinPower turbo hybrid coupe producing 357 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque with zero to sixty times of about 4.2 seconds. Its hard to believe a car that has this kind of performance does an EPA combined 76 MPGe but don’t be fooled this isn’t your grandma’s Prius.

BMW i8 Rental Miami

The presentation of the BMW i8 is an engineering masterpiece, with beautifully crafted lines and carbon bits everywhere makes its construction as sporty as possible with the functionality to match. If there was ever a car to cause a scene in Miami this car will be sure to deliver in extraordinary fashion. Once inside you understand the dramatics when we say this car may cause euphoria, sweaty palms and send shivers down your spine as the interior is lined with led accents and a refined instrument cluster with an on-board computer that gives as many updates as your twitter feed.

BMW i8 Rental Miami

mph club has the key to unlock this beauty and trust this will be a driving experience worth having, among the other amazing cars in our exotic rental fleet. If the scissor doors opening up as you step in/out don’t cause a distraction to onlookers then chances are your are not driving an i8. For the fortunate few who are curious enough to take the next step into this modern day sic-fi coupe’ mph club has the solution you techies and auto fanatics have been waiting for!!!



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