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mph club Presents: Zero to Coffee Real Quick

—- Wednesday July 22nd, 2015

Ever imagined what the ultimate gift would be for an auto enthusiast who can’t fire up their engines without a caffeine startup? Well the innovators at mph club have the answer by introducing a line of the world’s only espresso machines engineered to not only resemble a modern day performance engine but one that also makes a pretty mean cup of java. This is not just a coffee machine; it is an automotive statement piece necessary for any serious motor head. The handcrafted mixture of race-inspired materials such as magnesium, carbon fiber and titanium gives this machine a distinct appeal that can be appreciated by anyone passionate about cars.

mph club® Espresso Machine

The company has developed this machine to truly mimic a high performance engine from the stainless exhaust pipes that dispense your coffee to the oil filler cap to top up your favorite flavored syrup and even the coffee tray dispensers that emulate engine spark plugs. Attention to detail is what sets this apart from your ordinary luxury coffee maker. The espresso engine series comes in three revved up versions ranging from a V8 configuration all the way up to a limited edition V12 version crafted to resemble a replica F1 engine.

mph club® Espresso Machine

All machines are assembled by hand using over 90 precision components and are individually numbered once assembly is complete. The price you pay is worth the effort that goes into building this machine and understanding the exclusivity of owning one goes a long way as part of your automotive/home collection. You will be able to greatly appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this unique device having the ability to satisfy car enthusiasts’ needs while making some amazing espresso. Visit the mph club shop for more details on how you can have the most unique coffee machine on the block and go from zero to coffee real quick!!!



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